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Blessed Be Lyrics

Cardinals And Bishops Sit In Pious Pose
Handing Down Their Judgements
Blood And Terror Flow
Preaching Their False Values
To Those To Blind To See
They Revel In The Slaughter
Blessed Be

They Advocate Their Evil
They Wash Their Hands In Blood
Preying On The Weak And Helpless
Stoke The Fires To Cleanse Their Souls
From A House Of Pleasure, To The Birth Of Pain
Standing In The Sight Of Their God
Blessed Be

The Devil Stood In The Reich Stag
Right Arm Held Aloft
Emenating All His Evil
It's The Sign Of The Toten Kopf
Screaming Thru The Blitzkreig
Towns And Cities Razed
Implement Their Final Solution
In Their Final Days

Do You Believe In The Holy Word
Do You Believe In The Virgin Birth
Do You Believe In The Love Of Your God
Fuck It......Blessed Be

Satan Sits In The Vatican
Groping His Babylon Whore
The Papal Sits Staring

At The Papal Floor
The Screaming Of The Choir Boy
The Sweating Panting Priest
Turns His Eyes To Heaven
Oh God He Needs Some Relief

Do You Believe In The Holy Word
Do You Believe In The Virgin Birth
Do You Believe In A Passionate God
It's Your Choice
Blessed Be......

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Wytchfynde - The Awakening
is the track #4 from the album The Awakening which is released on 2001-04-30. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2001 Demolition
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