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Shiver Lyrics

Coming up strong, beyond comprehension
I'm feeling it again, the shiver through my system
Can push it all away, change my opinions
Coming too strong, a door needs to open
Came through her again, from a sister bearing message
Directed inside, deep within the chambers

I'm feeling it again, the shiver through my system
Coming up strong, beyond comprehension
The wind, brings changes in direction
Of leaves and seeds and journeys of souls
So much of lives spent running away from moments
But the right moments they catch you in the end

He's been climbing now for years before his time
Searching around
Searching high and low for support of some kind
Feeling alone
Feeling lonely on his quest for reasons why
Pushing him down
Seeking reasons for the rage that he was dealt
Where they now?
Who are the people that have shared his higher self?
The higher he goes
The more he questions all the punches that were thrown
Pushing him down
To the fragile place he feels and knows so well
Spinning around
In the fragile place he feels and knows so well

He is climbing up the mountain
And searching for the other side
Seeking shelter from the rain
And the from pain he feels inside
He sees that now it's time to move on
Time to let the ropes come loose
See your father is too cold
And he may never let you through
And the anger and resentment
Will only churn you up inside
But you are on another level
And they will only deny
And you will see it in your young hearts
As they give you what they know
And it will always come around
But it is time
To let it go
Let it go
Let it go
Oh, let it go

Coming up strong, beyond comprehension

Song writer(s): Xavier Rudd
Official Xavier Rudd website: www.xavierrudd.com

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Xavier Rudd - Dark Shades of Blue
is the track #7 from the album Dark Shades of Blue which is released on 2008-08-19. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2008 Xavier Rudd Salt X Records Ltd , Under Exclusive License To Anti, Inc
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