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Rainy Day lyrics

Wait for me,
Don't show me darkness when light is too brght for my
Answer me,
Silence is hunger & question is food for the wise.

I'm like the spirit of the sea,
I'm only waiting in a dream,
... of another rainy day.

Look at me,
Finding my freedom is lost at the limits of life.
Feel for me
Trying to open my heart with the edge of a knife.

Am I dead before I have been born?
Am I only waiting for the dawn
... of another rainy day.

Rescue me!
Only a hand from an angel can let you be free.
In the forest I hear a bleeding heart.
Listen to your voice before the start,
... of another rainy day.

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Xyz - Letter to God
is the track #5 from the album Letter to God which is released on 2003. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2003 Fyco Records
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