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Throw Ta Sets Up Lyrics

Chorus- This that club shhit straight thhug shit, This that beat a nigga ass in the club shit. Jays laced up Gam faced up. Bang Bang Nigga Nigga Throw Ya Sets Up. Bang Bang Bang Throw ya sets up. Bang Bang Bang throw ya sets up. Throw ya sets up. Throw ya Sets up. Throw ta ses up.

Verse- Yo Gotti: Bang Bang Click Clack Bow B08. North Memphis memphis Nigga. I do This everyday. You Seen fist 48? Pussy nigga had a choppa got killed with a 38. Everday everyhood in my cuty throwing up signs. These young niggas crazy. They lost they muthafuckin mind. White bandana we paly nun but games.20 yale club baking soda thang. Aint throwing money i make it rain. Carbon 15's thats hella caine. Say we young and dumb we'n got it all. gotta lot of beef but we kill em all. body piling up blame it on my dogs. Lota money Lota buns i'll make em all. blue and white jays. white and red chain. you bout that gangsta shit well im bou the same thang.


Verse Gucci: I murder lames.murder tracks nigga word up. 1017 bricksquad put ya bird up. A nigga swing on gucci mane thta unheard of. I got my black tee in wit my black gloves. And when my choppa sound off its like BLOCKA BLOCKA. you just like food only snacka snack wacka Flocka. I wear shaed every night cause im so cool. Royal Number in my hood it aint no rules. The lil pussy ass nigga false claimin . These pussies know their not so icey entertainment. Gat all knids of choppas hand guns name em. Glock twext to the max we be bangin

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