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(Intro- Yo Gotti)I go hard on them haters leave them
upset like the Grizzlies beat'n tha Lakers that's an
upset(Chorus)I go hard on them haters that's an
the Grizzlies beat'n tha Lakers this an upset Cars all
white, rims offsetNow if I fuck ya bitch that's an
upset Hey, an upset Aye, an upset Nigga I'll fuck ya
bitch and leave you upset Hey, an upset Aye,
an upsetI go hard on these hater til they upset
(Verse 1- Starlito)Niggas wildin in tha club throwin
up setsI'm gettin money fuckin hoes got em' upsetLike
the 16 seed in the Final FourA 16 without a seed is
what I'm tryna smokeThat's my kinda drodown in Orange
MoundGot a fine lil hoejus got a spot in Memphis been
grindin so(hard)Betta tell em' Yo I go upside ya head
bout my fetti tho Cut tha check homeboy shit fuck that
Niggas are not loyal I don't trust shit You an up set
That's what my south side slut said That's Cashville
tough talk I give her rough sexAll white everything
okay what's next?I'm only fuckin with tha green,
green nigga suspectsYa homeboys wasnt round you wasn't
tough yet A nigga swerve up on ya,you won't get to bust
back Chorus (Verse 2- Yo Gotti)Ok Lito got me on my
rapping shit,ok my snapping shit Lito, ima need one
track for this no ad libs or shit One take 1K one chain
100K One house a couple mil Bitches fake my niggas real
Yea you niggas ill you niggas sickAnd I go hard on a
nigga bout his main bitch I be on that gang shit that
Sadam Hussein shit Eye for eye ride for my guy bigidy
bang shit That's off set when the rims bow legged The
more you get her upset the more I burn ya hoe head
Now that's an upset stomach The more you think about it
don't it make you wanna vomit Ugh virus white like
Miley Cyrus Police and niggas out here ridin with
sirens Niggas throwin temper tantrums pissy fits
silence We ain't on that bitchin
shit me and my niggas violent Chorus

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Yo Gotti - Cocaine Muzik 5: White Friday
is the track #11 from the album Cocaine Muzik 5: White Friday which is released on 2015-11-19. Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2015 Be Great Music Group, LLC
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