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Juicy Lyrics

My vision messed up, I've been drinking
6 shots of the 'tron , now im fiening
(Mind gone)Now my third leg doing all the thinking
Spot a lil shorty got my eye on
Wonder if i can take her home.

........., Got what I like
Tryna taste that juice box tonight
Shorty whats your flavour
I cant wait to taste ya

............, you got that ocean spray
Wont be a minute man, im going all the way
I wanna sip i wanna taste
I want that juice box on my face

I wanna sip, i wanna taste
I want that juice box on my face

Im tryna figure out what she's thinking
Im feeling myself, now im fiening
Now she done gave me the signal by winking
Baby chose up so now im on
........... Ima take her home.

(rap) young Dro

(chorus till fade)


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