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Gonna Getcha Lyrics

(I've always been terrified of the dead-I hope you will
leave them in peace)

I'm not the one for you
you're not the one for me
We are like night and day
but damn I want you anyway

Together we are one
like lovers we kiss the sun
but deep inside I know you hate me
well I hate you too you iritate me

Here comes the living dead here coMes the rain
We're gonna tear this town down today, Yeah Yeah.

(Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba X

We don't need to know where you are
you don't want to know where we are

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Zombie Girl - Blood, Brains & Rock
is the track #10 from the album Blood, Brains & Rock 'N' Roll which is released on 2007-03-13. Genre: Dance | Record Label: 2007 Alfa Matrix
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