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Butter - BTS[Verse 1: Jung Kook, V] Smooth like butter Like a criminal undercover Gon' pop like trouble Breakin' into your heart like that (Ooh) Cool shade stunner Yeah, I owe it all to my mother Hot like ...Good 4 U - OLIVIA RODRIGO[Intro] Ah [Verse 1] Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easily You found a new girl and it only took a couple weeks Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world? (A ...Levitating - DUA LIPA[Verse 1] If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy And I could take you for a ride I had a premonition that we fell into a rhythm Where the music don't stop for life Glitter in the ...Leave The Door Open - SILK SONIC[Intro: Anderson .Paak] Said baby, said baby, said baby [Verse 1: Anderson .Paak] What you doin'? (What you doin'?) Where you at? (Where you at?) Oh, you got plans? (You got plans) Don' ...Save Your Tears - WEEKNDOoh Na na, yeah I saw you dancing in a crowded room You look so happy when I'm not with you But then you saw me, caught you by surprise A single teardrop falling from your eye I don't know w ...Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon) - JUSTIN BIEBER[Chorus: Justin Bieber] I got my peaches out in Georgia (Oh, yeah, shit) I get my weed from California (That's that shit) I took my chick up to the North, yeah (Bad-ass bitch) I get my li ...Kiss Me More (feat. Sza) - DOJA CAT[Intro: Doja Cat] We hug and yes, we make love And always just say, "Goodnight" (La-la-la, la-la-la) And we cuddle, sure I do love it But I need your lips on mine [Chorus: Doja Cat] Can you ...Deja Vu - OLIVIA RODRIGO[Verse 1] Car rides to Malibu Strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two And trading jackets Laughing 'bout how small it looks on you (Ah-ha-ha-ha) Watching reruns of Glee Bein' annoying, singing i ...Astronaut In The Ocean - MASKED WOLF[Intro] Astro-naut [Chorus] What you know about rolling down in the deep? When your brain goes numb you can call that mental freeze When these people talk too much, put that shit in slo ...Montero (call Me By Your Name) - LIL' NAS XI caught it bad just today You hit me with a call to your place Ain't been out in a while anyway Was hoping I could catch you throwin' smiles at my face Romantic talking? You don't even have t ...Without You - KID LAROIYou cut out a piece of me, and now I bleed internally Left here without you (No, no, no), without you (Ooh, ooh) And it hurts for me to think about what life could possibly be like Without you (No, ...Traitor - OLIVIA RODRIGO[Intro] Ooh-ooh-ooh Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah [Verse 1] Brown guilty eyes and Little white lies, yeah I played dumb, but I always knew That you talked to her, maybe did even worse I kept quiet so I cou ...Drivers License - OLIVIA RODRIGOI got my driver's license last week Just like we always talked about 'Cause you were so excited for me To finally drive up to your house But today I drove through the suburbs Crying 'cause you we ...Rapstar - POLO G[Intro] (Shout out my nigga Synco) (Tuned up) [Chorus] Uh, copped a BMW, new deposit, I picked up another bag Like, "Fuck it, I'ma count while I'm in it" I hear planes flyin', crowds s ...Forever After All - LUKE COMBSA cold beer's got 12 ounces A good truck's got maybe three hundred thousand You only get so much until it's gone Duracells in a Maglite A needle drop on a 45 Are the kinda things that only last s ...Favorite Crime - OLIVIA RODRIGO[Verse 1] Know that I loved you so bad I let you treat me like that I was your willing accomplice, honey And I watched as you fled the scene Doe-eyed as you buried me One heart broke, four hands ...Blinding Lights - WEEKNDI've been tryna call I've been on my own for long enough Maybe you can show me how to love, maybe I'm going through withdrawals You don't even have to do too much You can turn me on with just ...Beautiful Mistakes (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - MAROON 5[Verse 1: Adam Levine] It's beautiful, it's bittersweet You're like a broken home to me I take a shot of memories And black out like an empty street I fill my days with the way you walk ...Brutal - OLIVIA RODRIGO[Intro] I want it to be, like, messy [Verse 1] I'm so insecure, I think That I'll die before I drink And I'm so caught up in the news Of who likes me and who hates you And I'm so ...Happier - OLIVIA RODRIGO[Verse 1] We broke up a month ago Your friends are mine, you know I know You've moved on, found someone new One more girl who brings out the better in you And I thought my heart was detac ...