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Wait For U - FUTURE[Intro: Future & Tems] I will wait for you, for you Early in the mornin', late at night (I will wait for you) It doesn't even matter what time it is (I will wait for you) Presidential Ro ...As It Was - HARRY STYLES[Intro] Come on, Harry, we wanna say goodnight to you [Verse 1] Holdin' me back Gravity's holdin' me back I want you to hold out the palm of your hand Why don't we leave it at tha ...Puffin On Zootiez - FUTURE[Intro] She bought a flight, man, I'm here in the sky She finna tell me "No way" and it's cap Nigga, can't even see me, I'm way in the sky She bought a flight, nigga way ...Big Energy - LATTO[Intro] I got that big, big energy Got that real big energy Hey, daddy When you gon' stop playin'? [Chorus] Bad bitch, I could be your fantasy (Yeah) I can tell you got big dick energ ...712pm - FUTURE[Intro] (8...) (Wheezy outta here) [Verse 1] Sitting behind five percent, you can see the chinain Lil' one going crazy, ready to sprrt for the ginang If it wasn't for Google, man that bitch woul ...Stay - KID LAROI & JUSTIN BIEBERI do the same thing I told you that I never would Told you I'd change, even when I knew I never could Know that I can't find nobody else as good as you I need you to stay, need you to stay, ay ...I'm Dat Nigga - FUTURE[Intro] (DY Krazy) Hot, hot, hot, hot Hot, hot, hot, hot (I'm that nigga, ooh) Hot, hot, hot, hot (It's that new Freebandz, Pluto) Hot, hot, hot, hot ('Luminati, know what I'm sayin'?) [V ...I'm On One (feat. Drake) - FUTURE[Intro: Future] Hol' up, wait That's that bitch (Torey, I know what to do with it) That's that gas, that global high Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'm on one, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I ...Love You Better - FUTURE[Intro] Could this thing be more? You can never— this could be yours If it's really meant to— baby, baby 'Cause I'm interested, baby, baby ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob [Chorus] You tellin& ...Woman - DOJA CAT[Intro] Hey, woman Hey, woman [Chorus] Woman Let me be your woman Woman, woman, woman (Yeah) I can be your woman Woman, woman, woman (Yeah) Let me be your woman Woman, woman, woman (Yeah) I can be yo ...Ghost - JUSTIN BIEBER[Verse 1] Youngblood thinks there's always tomorrow I miss your touch some nights when I'm hollow I know you cross the bridge that I can't follow [Pre-Chorus] Since the love that you l ...Keep It Burnin - FUTURE[Intro: Future] Shit, we gon' do this shit right Get in first-line, let it take off You made it brine then I take off [Chorus: Kanye West & Future] Cross me so much, I got nails in m ...Thats What I Want - LIL' NAS X[Intro] One, two, three, four [Verse 1] Need a boy who can cuddle with me all night Keep me warm, love me long, be my sunlight Tell me lies, we can argue, we can fight Yeah, we did it before, ...Bad Habits - ED SHEERANLyrics from Snippet [Intro] Ooh [Verse] Every time you come around you know I can't say no Every time the sun goes down I let you take control And tonight I had something wonderful [Choru ...About Damn Time - LIZZO[Intro] Anyway [Verse 1] It's bad bitch o'clock, yeah, it's thick-thirty I've been through a lot, but I'm still flirty (Okay) Is everybody back up in the buildin'? It&#x ...Massaging Me - FUTURE[Verse 1] We turn Miami to Sky-ami We do this without any shenani' She ready, spaghetti (Yeah, yeah) I'm throwin' them baguettes (Yeah, yeah) I'm cuttin' shit up like machete ...Shivers - ED SHEERAN[Verse 1] I took an arrow to the heart I never kissed a mouth that taste like yours Strawberries and somethin' more Ooh, yeah, I want it all Lipstick on my guitar, ooh Fill up the engines, we ca ...Abcdefu - GAYLE[Intro] Fuck you and your mom and your sister and your job And your broke-ass car and that shit you call art Fuck you and your friends that I'll never see again Everybody but your dog, you can al ...Bam Bam (feat. Ed Sheeran) - CAMILA CABELLO[Verse 1: Camila Cabello] You said you hated the ocean, but you're surfin' now I said I'd love you for life, but I just sold our house We were kids at the start, I guess we're grow ...Gold Stacks - FUTURE[Intro] (DMC, you global now, nigga) I just need some 'cause I already got one with the seal, nigga Yeah, I got one in the cut with a seal, yeah Yeah [Refrain] Step on a nigga, nigga Step on a n ...