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Raised by money they been deprived
Look at them with bleeding eyes
They laugh at the sounds of all your cries
They can't even believe t heir lies
But still you do as you are told
Your ethnic values you have sold
You got no balls to break the mold
You have to do as you are told
We are the mindless useless ones
The ones you shit and spit upon
Have your mind and thought in train
Bust still out arms and force remains
You think you'll steal and take it all
We'll shoot our guns and watch you fall
We're the mindless useless ones
The ones you shit and spit upon
We'll gain power you will see
We'll overthrow your monarchy
Your not so smart or powerful
Your lives are really fucking dull
Raised by money been deprived
Raised by money they've been deprived
Raised in the street I've been deprived
I was born deprived

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Wasted Youth - Reagan
1981'de yayınlanan Reagan's In isimli albümün #10 sayılı şarkısıdır. Türü: Rock | Plak Şirketi: 1999 Restless Records Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company
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